Brian Deegan Takes Flight in a Ford Raptor

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Race-ready F-150 Raptor flies 200 feet and lands without any issue.

This week’s Freaky Friday video is a throwback to an awesome clip from Ford Performance, featuring a Ford F-150 Raptor race truck traveling some 200 feet in the air. A 200-foot flight would destroy most trucks and because of that, most people wouldn’t attempt a jump like this. However, this Ford Raptor is not your average truck and Brian Deegan is most certainly not your average truck driver, so this insane stunt is simply just another day at the office for the truck-racing champion.

Deegan and His Truck

If you are not familiar with Brian Deegan, here is a quick rundown.

Brian Deegan Raptor Ready

The 44-year-old professional driver has participated in a long list of motorsports formats, but he is best-known for his efforts in the world of off-road racing. Deegan has won titles in the world of freestyle motocross, rallycross and off-road truck racing. For much of his career racing cars and trucks, Deegan has run a Ford product, including the F-150 Raptor race truck shown here.


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Regardless of the type of racing or the vehicle in question, Brian Deegan has spent much of his racing career flying through the air, so while this jump make seem extremely crazy to most of us, it is nothing compared to some of his freestyle motocross stunts.

As for the truck itself, it isn’t so much a Raptor as it is a custom race truck with a body that is designed to look like a heavily-modified version of the F-150. There aren’t many Ford parts, but as race trucks go, this is an F-150 Raptor.

F-150 Takes Flight

The video begins by giving us a overhead look at the motocross course where Brian Deegan plans to jump some 200 feet through the air in his Raptor race truck. The video offers a handful of clips of the big jump along with shots of Deegan winning and celebrating wins with his Ford race truck.

As the clip show ends, we see Deegan drive up in a silver F-150 pulling an enclosed trailer. When he comes to a stop and opens the rear door, his Raptor race truck is inside. After getting suited up, Deegan climbs into his Ford truck and heads out onto the course in preparation for the huge jump.

After a pause for dramatic effect, Deegan and his Raptor charge towards the jump. The tires struggle for grip as the truck nears the jump and with a blip of the throttle, the big Ford explodes into the air, soaring through the air and landing smoothly on the other side.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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