Breaking: Get Ready to Welcome a ‘Baby Bronco’

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Along with the forthcoming Ranger-based Bronco, this new Bronco will share architecture with the Focus and Escape, says Ford’s V.P. of Product Development.

Ford’s plan to simplify its product line up and focus on SUVs and crossovers could mean something big (or small, in this case) for us. According to Reuters, a top Ford executive said earlier this week that a Focus-based off-roader is in the pipeline.

Hau Thai-Tang, Ford’s Executive V.P. of Product Development, said the new off-roader could debut next year as a 2020 model. It will feature a blend of Focus and Escape components, with more aggressive styling.

In addition to being tougher and more aggressive than the Escape, it will also carry a premium price tag, and a name that evokes one of the most legendary Ford sport utilities of all time: the Bronco.

The online car community has been buzzing with rumors about the new Ranger-based Bronco for months now. With the disappointment left in the wake of Chevrolet’s Blazer reveal, we hope that Ford gets both of the Broncos right.

Still, these early details for the “baby Bronco” are promising. We hope that “aggressive styling” means more than just extra unpainted plastic body cladding on yet another egg-shaped front wheel drive crossover, however.

With a name like Bronco, enthusiasts will expect this new small Ford to have genuine off-road capabilities to match its famous name, and chiseled good looks to go along with it.

The Bronco II of the 1980s was an impressive piece of machinery like its big brother. It was smaller and nimbler, and sacrificed very little in the way of capability despite its smaller footprint.

Whether they call it Bronco II, Bronco III, or something else entirely, you can be sure we’ll have more details as soon as they’re available. We’re just as excited as you are.

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