Brandmotion iPod Direct Connect System Earns Coveted Made for iPod Designation

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. May 16, 2007 ­ Brandmotion, a leading producer of after-market consumer products for passenger vehicles, today announced that the Company’s industry-leading iPod® Direct Connect System ­ the first fully integrated iPod system for Ford vehicles ­ has earned the prestigious “Made for iPod®” designation from Apple, Inc.

Having passed Apple’s rigorous screening process for innovation, functionality and ease of use, the Brandmotion iPod Direct Connect System lets Ford owners use traditional radio controls to operate their iPod, without sacrificing satellite radio functionality.  In addition, drivers can retain total control over the iPod using any on-board radio controls, including those on the steering wheel; Brandmotion’s system allows these controls to function exactly as intended, eliminating the need to learn the complicated button sequences often required by other products.

“For a young, fast-moving company like ours, Apple’s coveted ‘made for iPod’ designation is an outstanding endorsement of the kind of innovation our technical team is bringing to the marketplace,” said Jeff Varick, president and founder of Brandmotion.  “By integrating our system directly into a vehicle’s existing radio controls, we are simultaneously enhancing the iPod experience and raising the level of safety on the road by eliminating the need for drivers to look down at their music players.”

“Our starting point was finding a way to eliminate common problems drivers experience when using their iPod on the go,” explained Varick.  “By developing a seamless, ‘plug-and-play’ approach, our product not only fully integrates with existing Ford stereo systems, but has the added benefit of charging the iPod at the same time, so the device won’t fail on longer road trips.”

For more information about the Brandmotion iPod® Direct Connect system, or to check vehicle compatibility with the new system, visit or call 877-276-6456.  The iPod® Direct Connect system is compatible with most 2005 or newer Ford, Lincoln or Mercury vehicles with a satellite (or auxiliary) radio button.

About Brandmotion

Brandmotion ( is a leading producer of interior automotive aftermarket products.  Led by veteran auto industry engineers, Brandmotion is dedicated to bringing innovative, affordable and fully integrated consumer products to market quickly and efficiently with OEM-level functionality.   All Brandmotion products are engineered to “Plug-and-Play.”

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