Brake Fluid Flush Made Easy

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By FTE User: Fat Diesel

(Note: This procedure was done on a 1997 F-250 but it is similar for all Ford trucks and SUVs)

I got the power bleeder out and had the fluid flushed in no

Here is what I started with. I use the Blue and Amber versions of
the same fluid so I know exactly when the fluid is flushed out.

Throw down some cardboard.

up the bleeder and pump some air in it. I flushed all the old fluid in the
Master Cylinder through because my mighty vac has a hose that won’t easily fit into the

up the catch can and turn the wrench.

until the fluid color changes and then close the bleeder.

all the calipers and you’re done. Just make sure you fill the
reservoir with new fluid when the old stuff is pretty much drained, either by
mighty vac or by flushing through.

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