Bottled Bronco II’s Big Wheels-Up Launch is Badass!

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Once the driver keeps the wheels of this Bronco down, it roars down the drag strip.

This week’s Truckin’ Fast Wednesday video comes to us from the TalonTSi97 Videos YouTube channel and it features a Ford Bronco II making a few blasts down the track. The video nearly begins with disaster, but once the suspension setup is dialed in, this compact sport utility vehicle proves to be a beast on the drag strip.

The Machine

The details are short on this Ford Bronco II, but we know that it is powered by a 302-cubic inch V8 fitted with a nitrous oxide setup. It is also obviously equipped with an automatic transmission along with some suspension work that allows this little SUV to make the most of that big power with the help of some sticky tires. Also, take note of the fact that this old Ford has license plates on it, so it could be a street machine.

Bronco II Wheelstand

In fact, on the first run of the video above, the Bronco rips the front wheels off of the ground on the launch, forcing the driver to lift which in turn brought the nose down in a hurry. The driver tried to immediately climb back into the throttle, but the front wheels came right back up and the vehicle drifted to the right a bit. From there, the driver lifted and coasted through, narrowly avoiding the wall.

Grudge Racing

This footage of the Bronco II drag racing was captured at the Petey Small Blocks Grudge Day Massacre event at Atco Dragway and after that wheels-up issue early on, the compact Ford had a solid day of racing.

Bronco II VS Mustang

Since it is a heads-up grudge racing event, there are no elapsed times posted to the big boards, but there is no question that this 80s SUV gets down the track in a big hurry.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

Bronco II Burnout

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