Bottled, Big Block Bronco Blasts Across the Pit

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Classic Bronco shines in its natural habitat with the top off and the engine roaring.

This week’s Muddy Monday video comes to us from the Mudd Boggin in Florida YouTube channel and it features a 1978 Ford Bronco storming through the mud. Most monster mud trucks like this one get across the bog in a hurry, but this nitrous-injected, big-block-powered full-size Ford sport utility vehicle skims across the mud much more quickly than your average mud truck. In fact, it crosses the slop so quickly that it barely dips into the mud at all, except for a short time when the engine sputters, perhaps from sucking in some muddy water.

Bottled Big Block

The details on this 1978 Ford Bronco are short, but we know from the title that it is equipped with some form of nitrous oxide setup. Based on the engine call-out on the sides of the hood, that laughing gas is being fed to a big block Ford V8 measuring 477 cubic inches, so all-in-all, this Bronco is packing some monster power.

1978 Big Block Bronco Entering the Mud

Beyond that engine size and nitrous, we don’t know anything about this big Bronco, but we can see that it has an elaborate suspension and chassis build, making room for the huge rims and tractor tires. After all, big power doesn’t mean anything if you can’t get through the mud, so in addition to the monster motor, it has all of the crucial upgrades to create a dominating mud truck.

High Speed Mudding

In the video above, this nitrous-fed, big block-powered 1978 Ford Bronco rockets across the mud bog over and over again. The title suggests that there is a jump, but they must be referring to one of the little hops up out of the water.

1978 Big Block Bronco Front Corner

However, even without an impressive jump, this classic Ford Bronco covers the mud bog faster than anything we have featured. We have to wonder if this truck doesn’t partake of some mud racing as well, but in any case, it is one incredible off-road truck so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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