Border Patrol Stops Ford F-250 Laden with Pot

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Did you know that your F-250 could make the perfect drug running truck? No, we didn’t either. However, according to Valley Central, U.S Border Patrol agents seized and arrested a man from Mexico after the agents found over 1,100 pounds of pot inside the Ford truck.

While the drug runner didn’t exactly hide the weed, all 1,100 pounds were found inside the cab and in the bed of the truck, it just goes to show you that the Ford F-Series pickup can be used for ANY situation. Although we’re sure that Ford probably doesn’t advertise the trucks drug capabilities all the often.

The Border Patrol agents found the truck abandoned on the side of the road with all the marijuana still inside the truck. After a relatively short search of the area, the agents found the man and arrested him for possession, distribution, and a bunch of other charges. Both the man and the drugs were then handed over to DEA agents that specialize in this form of crime.

Maybe this should be Ford’s new ad campaign? Buy an F-Series Pickup, it’ll Haul ANYTHING!

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