Boat Launch Ramp Fails Compilation Will Make You Cringe

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Ford and Chevy trucks alike get wetter than the boat trailers behind them.

There’s a lot of footage on Youtube that is just plain hard to watch. For some reason, people love posting videos of popping zits, ghastly wounds, and other types of nightmare fuel. We don’t get it so we don’t watch them. There are much better things to view that don’t result in vomiting. The video up above is not gross or disgusting, but it’s still hard to get through.

It’s also timely. The weather is gradually getting warmer (at least it is in certain parts of the country), which means it’s time to load up the truck, back up the boat, and hit the lake. For some, the process is second nature. For the people in the video? Eh… Not so much. As the footage shows, the lake sometimes hits back. Ford Boat Ramp Fails

For one reason or another, the unfortunate souls in the video end up losing more than just control. A little wheel slip is normal. We’ve all seen at least one person have the back end of their vehicle dip slightly too far into the water. The vehicles in the video get completely pulled under. It doesn’t matter which brand they are. The lake doesn’t care. It has no loyalty to badges or egos. It swallows up a van, Chevy Silverados, Ford F-150s, a Ranger, an Expedition, and even a Dodge Charger (hard to image how it did that…).

Like we said, it’s a hard watch. Not just because each of the vehicles involved becomes a total write-off, but also because we can’t help but imagine the level of embarrassment their owners must have felt after they got out of the way of every other boater at the ramp. Get ready to cringe.

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