Blue Bronco Duo Prove There’s No Wrong Way to Build

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1966 Ford Bronco

Forget Elvis’ blue suede shoes! This pair of blue Broncos is the only pair that matters when rolling the dice in Las Vegas.

Ford Truck Enthusiasts is back on the prowl for the hottest and wildest Ford trucks and SUVs cruising the Las Vegas Strip for a bit of luck at the 2018 SEMA Show.

If you ever needed any ideas on how to build your first-gen Bronco, look no further than this pair of blue stallions we happened upon not too long ago.

The first Bronco is a 1966 resto-mod presented by United Pacific Industries of Long Beach, California. UPI makes many replica body panels and lighting bits for 1966 through 1977 Broncos, many of which were handed over to Bloomington, Illinois builder Maxlider Brothers Customs for this particular build.

And what a build it is. Under the hood is a Ford Performance 5.0-liter Coyote V8 tied to a tough 4R70W transmission and transfer case. The interior, meanwhile, has lovely custom panels and seats in a golden tan that would not be out of place in a Rolls-Royce.

1966 Ford Bronco

The blue paint on this Bronco happens to be the corporate color of UPI, and is accented in white on the fender flares and roof, the latter not on during our time with this take on the Mustang of the dirt.

1969 Ford Bronco

Outside the hall was this 1969 Bronco from St. Louis, Missouri’s Gateway Bronco. This resto-mod leans more towards the past than present, but it’s still a beautiful Bronco, especially in its matte blue paint with white accents and red pinstriping.

Under the hood and riding over the front pair of slotted wheels wrapped in BF Goodrich Mud Terrain T/As is a 347 cu-in stroker pumping out 425 broncos through a four-speed automatic, the power of which is handily reined in by the set of Wilwood four-wheel discs with hydraulic power assist.

The inside of the Bronco maintains the retro vibe of the build. The rich brown leather comes from Porsche (so you can troll your Cayenne-driving friends who wouldn’t know what a rock was if it hit them in the face), and the bed is made from wood used in old barns (so you can proudly proclaim your green cred while tearing up the trail).

1969 Ford Bronco

No matter if you prefer resto-mod Broncos to lean to the modern or to the past, this pair of blue ponies prove there’s no wrong way to build one.

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