This Blown, Chopped, Pro Street 1969 F-100 Defies the Laws of Physics

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Trucks are typically a afterthought when it comes to building a fast means of transportation.  The reasons why are obvious – trucks are generally heavier than cars, and they have the aerodynamic efficiency of a barn.  Since weight and aero are the enemies of speed, you have to work harder to make trucks fast.

That didn’t deter the owner of this 1969 F-100 from building what turned out to be a screaming street beast.  It’s the opposite of subtle, with a chopped top, tubbed rear, and giant blower sticking out out of the hood.

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And it appears to have the go to accompany the show.  Two Demon 750 cfm carbs sit on top of that big huffer, and it’s all attached to a built 351 Windsor.  The power goes through a C4 automatic transmission back to a 9-inch rear end with 3:73.1 gears.

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Out back, a four link setup with adjustable shocks houses the giant meats.  A Mustang II front end completes the upgrades underneath that not so subtle exterior, and stopping power has been greatly enhanced with Wilwood brakes.

The result is a Ford that sounds as nasty as it looks (in a good way).  So if you’re the type of person who laughs in the face of physics, this truck’s for you.

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