Blacked-Out Ford F-350 Super Duty Is the King of the (Paved) Streets

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These days, if you want the ultimate luxo cruiser, you don’t buy a Lincoln Town Car — you buy a Ford Super Duty.

Love it or hate it, the fact is pickup trucks are the new luxury vehicle of choice. Rich folk no longer covet sedans with fancy nameplates, they want huge trucks with fine interior appointments. That’s why Ford’s (almost) $100k Super Duty Limited is only the beginning. And it’s also why we’re seeing loads of blinged out Ford trucks surfacing all over the web. And the local digs.

Ford F-350

This tastefully done 2017 Ford F-350 is a perfect example of this new breed of street truck. The owner, Jerry Olivas, started out with a plain old F-350 Platinum dually. But obviously, he had no plans of using it to haul horse trailers. Instead, he took the massive ride down to Tweety’s Tire for some upgrades.

The crew at Tweety’s installed a 6-inch lift kit and Fox shocks at all corners. That gave them the clearance needed for those massive 26-inch American Force wheels and 37-inch Tuff tires. The finishing touches are a custom grille from AWC, smoked light housings from GoRecon, and a bed cover from Bak Industries.

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Olivas decided to go with the tried and true all-black treatment on his ride. And we must say, it looks pretty killer. The “murdered out” look only adds to the already aggressive appearance of the F-350. And its massive size doesn’t hurt, either.

So while Olivas’ Ford F-350 will likely never see a dirt road, it’s easy to understand the appeal of his ride. After all, most of us already use our trucks as daily drivers. So if you’ve got the cash and want something a little more luxurious, why buy some stuffy sedan over something like this?

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