Billet Grille Types for Your Ford Truck: Inserts, Replacements, Overlay, and Bolt-On

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Billet Grille Types

Billet Grilles are designed to protect a vehicles engine and the engine components like the radiator from road gunk and dirt. Billet Grilles allow air and water to enter and exit the engine and keep out large debris like rocks and large bugs. They are also designed to enhance the look of your truck. If you want a customized look for your truck a Billet Grille and matching bumper grille can add that personal finishing touch that you are looking for. There are many brands, styles and types of Billet Grilles to choose from. So it is advised to shop around before installing a Billet Grille for your Ford truck.

Types of Billet Grilles

“¢    Billet Grille inserts-These types of Billet Grilles are the original. When these are installed the original factory stock grill is modified and the Billet Grille is then inserted into the original.
“¢    Overlay or Bolt-on Billet Grilles-This is the easiest and fastest Billet Grille to install as it is overlaid on the original factory stock grill with bolts and a few simple tools. Overlay Billet Grilles have hidden bolts, brackets and clamps and require no cutting or drilling. Some Billet Grilles have a cut out so that the original grill manufacturer’s emblem can be seen and displayed.
“¢    Replacement Billet Grilles-These Billet Grilles are for those who want to totally replace the original factory stock grill. Be sure to check with your original rust warranty specifications before installing a replacement Billet Grille as installation may void the warranty.

Billet Grille Choices

Billet Grilles are either chrome plated or powder-coated in black. The choices for materials are:

“¢    5xxx series-aluminum with magnesium. These are considered durable, strong, versatile and corrosion resistant.
“¢    6xxx series-aluminum with magnesium and silicone. Billet Grilles made of 6xxx aluminum alloy are stronger than 5xxx series aluminum alloy.
“¢    409 stainless steel-These Billet Grilles are more economical than the 304 stainless steel series. Most mesh Billet Grilles are manufactured from stainless steel.
“¢    304 stainless steel-These have higher chromium content than the 409 stainless steel series.
“¢    ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic-This is considered to be the most durable and lightweight Billet Grille as it resists rust and corrosion. ABS plastic Billet Grilles can be painted to match your vehicle’s paint. Most replacement Billet Grilles are manufactured of ABS plastic.

Billet Grille manufacturers

There is a plethora of different manufacturers of Billet Grilles. These include, but are not limited to:

“¢    DJ Motorsports
“¢    E & G Classics
“¢    Grillcraft
“¢    Lund
“¢    Precision Grilles
“¢    Putco
“¢    RDX
“¢    SES Trims
“¢    Stull Industries
“¢    T-Rex

Each of these Billet Grille manufacturers has different specialties, designs, styles and types. Billet Grilles range in price, but are not considered to be expensive automotive enhancements.

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