Billet Grille Styles: Bar, Valence, and Harley-Davidson

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Billet Grille Styles

Billet Grilles function to protect the standard stock original grille on your truck and to further protect the engine and its components like the radiator from road garbage, bugs and dirt. Before you decide on a Billet Grille, it is advised to shop around and find a style that best fits the physical characteristics of your truck and your own personal style.

Billet Grille choices

Billet Grilles range in style from traditional and simple to elaborate and intricately designed. You want a Billet Grille that best suits the design and line of your truck and your own personal taste.

Traditional Billet Grilles are commonly referred to as bar Billet Grilles. Bar Billet Grilles are the most recognizable and most widely used. The bars can be horizontal or vertical and thick or thin. There are many looks for traditional Billet Grilles including free-floating which have no perimeter, or Billet Grilles with a metal perimeter that really stand out on the front of the truck.

There is a plethora of specialty Billet Grilles to choose from. These include Billet Grilles with punched holes, bars that are interwoven, bars that radiate from the center of the grille and grilles with meshed metal. Some Billet Grilles are designed with a combination of any of the aforementioned features. There are many with intricate designs and shapes that are custom made to the buyers specifications such as the flame design. Hand-painted Billet Grilles are also available.

For motorcycle enthusiasts who enjoy letting the world know that they have a motorcycle, there is a Harley-Davison Billet Grille. These specialty billet grilles feature the officially licensed Harley-Davidson logo. You can choose from the punched hole, bar or flame design if you choose a Harley-Davidson Billet Grille.

If you want added distinct design added to the front of your Ford truck, there are matching bumper grilles for most Billet Grilles. Commonly referred to as valance grilles, these will give your truck a completely new look.

Billet Grilles are manufactured with aluminum, stainless steel or ABS plastic. You can purchase an easily-installed bolt over Billet Grille or a Billet Grille that will totally replace the standard stock original grill on your truck.

There are Billet Grilles for virtually every auto manufacturer from Acura, Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Honda, Jeep, Lincoln, Nissan and Volvo.

Billet Grille brands

First of all, there are many different manufacturers of Billet Grilles. These include, but are not limited to:

“¢    Carriage Works
“¢    DJ Motorsports
“¢    Lund
“¢    Nasta
“¢    Putco
“¢    RDX
“¢    RBP
“¢    Street Scene
“¢    Stull Industries
“¢    T-Rex

Each of these manufacturers produces several different styles of Billet Grilles. It is the consumer’s responsibility to do some research to find the Billet Grille that best suits their Ford truck and their personal taste.

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