Blue Oval’s Bill Ford Talks Customer Loyalty: Throwback Thursday

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Brand loyalty of Ford truck owners plays key role in F-Series’ success.

The Ford F-Series pickup has been the best-selling truck in America for 41 years while leading all vehicle sales for 36 years. The quality of F-Series pickups leads to strong customer loyalty figures and that loyalty to the Motor Company plays a key role in the four-decade reign by the Ford truck lineup.

Bill Ford with the F-150

The Boss Talks to Customers

In this 2002 commercial from the VHS VCR YouTube channel, Motor Company Chairman and CEO Bill Ford talks about their trucks and their customers. He talks about how their customers walk up to him and talk about how their high-mileage trucks perform as well as the day that they were new. He also explains how Ford truck owners say that they will only buy Ford trucks.

Of course, Bill Ford loves hearing comments like that, as those are the kinds of customers who buy one vehicle after another from their local Motor Company dealership – even if they aren’t trucks.

Tough Trucks in Action

Few Ford truck commercials end without showing the vehicles in action, and this spot for the 2002 F-Series lineup is no different. While the head of the company talks about their vehicles and customers, we see a handful of short clips of the newest F-150, F-250, F-350 and Ranger doing all sort of truck stuff.

An F-150 soars along a rough road while another half-ton truck pulls a downed tree. A Ranger climbs a steep dirt hill, a Super Duty powers through the mud and another 2002 F-Series truck pulls some scrap metal through a job site.

This commercial is a great spot, showing the trucks doing all sorts of things that Ford owners do while also driving home the owner loyalty.

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