Could This Be the Biggest Ford Super Duty Dually Ever? (Video)

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When having a four-wheeled Super Duty monster truck isn’t enough, you simply go for six!

We love trucks of all sizes and prizes, but we must admit that this Super Duty monster has our hearts skipping a beat. We’re not exactly sure what it is, but we can think of six big reasons why!

This video courtesy of rekjavicxxx brings us what’s hands down the biggest Super Duty dually truck we’ve ever seen, as well as the biggest wheels and tires we’ve seen outside of a commercial application, or a professional Monster Jam truck. According to the video description, this Ford Super Duty Platinum belongs to James Fleckenstein, who initially bought the truck with a “flood damage” title, and proceeded to turn it into one bad mama jama.

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As you can gather from the footage the entire thing is breathtaking, but especially the tires and the six-wheel steering. The monster truck rubber is 65-inches tall, and the axles alone weight 12,000 pounds! Furthermore, the subframe was built from scratch by DMD Offroad, and the rest of the truck is adorned with several light bars, police lights, and front and rear cameras.

Check out the video and experience the madness!

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