Bigfoot: Take This Ford and Love It!

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In 1975, Bob Chandler, a former construction worker from St. Louis, MO, modified his 1974 Ford F-250 four wheel drive and constructed an auto legend – Bigfoot.

The first modification Chandler did was to make steering possible on both axles of the four wheel drive so that in the event of breakage, the second axle, held straight by a pin, could take over. This modification was the start of modern day “4 x 4 x 4,” which is a vehicle with four wheel drive.


Calling his converted truck, “Bigfoot,” Chandler started showing up at truck & tractor pulls and car shows. Bigfoot’s popularity grew, even garnering an appearance in the 1981 movie, “Take This Job and Shove It.”

Chandler’s next idea would change motorsports forever. Using a local farmer’s fields, Chandler videotaped himself crushing cars with Bigfoot. The idea spread and, from there, car crushing was born.


From 1983 to 2005, Chandler used Ford trucks for subsequent Bigfoots and, in turn, Ford Motor Company provided sponsorship.

It was a great shock to the motorsports world when Chandler, after 35 years of partnership, started using other truck brands since it was his Ford F-250 that help him build his empire.

TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT, Penelope Milford, Barbara Hershey, Tim Thomerson, 1981, (c) Avco EmbassyTAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT, Penelope Milford, Barbara Hershey, Tim Thomerson, 1981


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