Big Rig Stuck in the Snow? Yep, a Ford Super Duty Can Pull It Out.

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Ford Super Duty Snow Pull 2

It’s unfortunate that the expression “Why do bad things happen to good people?” exists. They just try to spread positivity through kind words and thoughtful actions.

Chris Johnson, a welder up in New York, is one of the good people out there. Coming home from work in a snow storm, he and his buddy decided to pull off and help a stranded semi on I-490 West. They threw a tow strap on the back of Johnson’s Super Duty, connected it to the big rig, threw the Blue Oval into four-wheel drive, and yanked the larger, 50,000-pound truck out of winter’s choking grip.

Just wait for Johnson’s answer as to how he knew he’d be able to do what he did, In saying it, he does another kind thing: give Ford a free commercial. Perhaps as a thank you the company will make a good thing happen to a good guy.

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