“Big Oly” Tribute Bronco

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"Big Oly." It’s an iconic car from the history of Baja racing, and an icon to Bronco owners everywhere. Nothing will be as cool as the original 1971 sand racing legend, but this one comes close.

This homage to Parnelli Jones’ truck is built on a modern trophy truck chassis and packs a heady 723 horsepower under the hood. Originally it was built with the intention of racing the Baja 1000, but was instead regulated to show car duty. Which, frankly, kinda sucks. 

The good news is that you can race it yourself! If you’ve got the cash, the truck is for sale on eBay at $535,000. As a bonus, it’s also street legal, smog exempt, and registered in California (if you can count that as a bonus). Interested? Check it out here.

Bad-ass Bronco! Head to the forums to tell us what you think!

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