‘Big Nasty’ F-250 Frees Stranded Semi-Truck

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Perhaps the ‘Ole Saying Applies to This F-250, “If You Got It, Flaunt It”

Brian Reaume spends every weekend hanging out at the Oceano Dunes Vehicular Recreational Area in Oceano, California. The Santa Margarita resident owns a highly modified 1994 F-250 built for maximum speed on the sand dunes. Reaume’s truck is dubbed “Big Nasty,” and it’s become an impromptu tow service for people who underestimate the sinking power of the sand.

Being the good Samaritan that he is, Reaume often rescues stranded motorists, but the vehicles he saves mostly consist of RVs driven by wayward tourists. That is until he came across a lost semi driver who got stuck in dry sand while trying to make a u-turn. This was a job that not even the average tow truck could help with!


Enter Big Nasty. The beefed up Super Duty is tailor-made for sand blasting with full hydraulic steering and 46-inch tires. To save the beached big rig, Reaume simply hitched it up to his trusty Ford and told the semi driver to relax. And steer, of course! Amidst a cheering crowd waving a pair of American flags, Big Nasty pulled the semi back to the safety of paved surfaces.

If you’re ever cruising around Oceano be sure and heed Reaume’s advice. “The wet sand is hard. Regular vehicles should stay as close to it as possible. Don’t stop uphill, and air down your tires. Common sense saves lives!”

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Video via: [The Tribune]


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