Big Muscle 1931 Ford Goes Rat-Rod

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Model A

Rust, no safety technology whatsoever, a big thumping engine, and wheels from the 1900s and you’ve got yourself a deathtrap rat-rod. This week on Big Muscle, Mike Musto tries to figure out why rat-rods are so cool, and why, if offered the chance to get a ride in one or drive it, you should take it.

The car began its life as a 1931 Ford Model A, and for most of its life, it remained a Ford Model A. However, recently, it became something very different. Using a 302 V8 out of a Ford Mustang and mechanical injection, this rat-rod is now all muscle.

The car was built by Ryan Kertz of Kertz Fabrication, the rat-rod is all business, attitude, and a little bit of funk, but thankfully not the gross kind. While there are those out there that look down on the rat-rod culture or trend, you cannot deny that this is one mean machine and that a lot of work went into it.

Take a look.

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