Big Foot F-250 Monster Truck Leaps Over Cars and Lands with a Bounce

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FTE Jump

It seems like we don’t talk about monster trucks that much. Maybe it’s just because these massive rigs mainly serve to simply demolish other rides and put on a spectacular show (which is certainly something worth watching!) rather than jumping over anything.

After all, they definitely weight a ton, which doesn’t exactly make them great candidates for getting airborne, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t! In today’s video we’ll be looking at a Ford monster truck that decided it was time to fly!

This “Big Foot” Ford F-250 leaps over two retired vehicles and touches the sky in the clip below, landing with a well-placed thud. We have to admit that watching a monster truck take a bound is a bit more exciting than a regular daily driver, since it is a monster truck! Seeing something so big, mean, and loud leap off the backs of the beat up rides on the ground is something to appreciate.

But don’t take our word for it! Watch the video below and enjoy watching this beastly F-250 jump high!

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