Big, Boss Boxes: Ford Trucks of the 1980s

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Fords from the 1980s 7

There were some pretty hideous sights to be seen in the 1980s. From the big, crazy hairdos to the awful fashions, the ’80s were not easy on the eyes in many ways. Luckily, Ford trucks of the time were – as always. You all know that better than anyone. Many of you own Blue Oval trucks from that era. We’ve put some pics of your pickups here:

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hadfield4wd had one mission in mind with his 1985 crew cab F-350: Turn it into a tool for towing. It looks as if he succeeded. He calls his truck a tool; we call it a looker.

Fords from the 1980s 4

fedx95‘s (former) truck started its life as a 1988 F-150, but after he added 46-inch tires, four-wheel drive, and the front clip from a Ford F700 to it, it ended up looking even better than the sum of its parts.

Fords from the 1980s 8

reamer put a lot of hard work into making his 1984 F-150 the way it is now. It’s easy for us to see that it was worth the effort.

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