BFGoodrich Presents BUILDUP A 1978 Bronco Saved From the Crusher

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It’s always a good thing when we see a Ford rig that has been saved from the crusher. FTE member nitro_rat picked up this 1978 Bronco for $850 shortly after returning from Abu Dhabi.

He was looking for a new project on Craigslist when he stumbled across the Bronco, and he ended up going for it even though he was originally going for a ’72 through ’80 Dodge Club Cab… we’re thankful that he went with the Ford.

bronco-1978After taking it home nitro_rat cleaned it up some and plans to keep the exterior the way it is. The interior needs some work, but that’s to be expected from any project truck, especially one from 1978.

He plans to spend a lot of time cruising this truck on the beach with the top off, which certainly seems fitting for this Bronco. He is currently looking for 3.5″ coil springs and plans to slap on some 33″ tires in the future as well!

1978 Bronco Build

Though the Bronco may not be made anymore, it’s good to see that there are still fans out there who take the time to restore them back into the beastly Ford machines they always have been! Go stop by nitro_rat’s build thread and show your support!

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