BFGoodrich Ford Truck Enthusiasts Profiles: John Coyle

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Welcome to BFGoodrich Member Profiles, where we’ve chosen a member to detail from our forums. This is John Coyle and he has been a huge resource here on Ford Truck Enthusiasts and a dedicated collaborator on our boards.

We’ll profile John in this feature and take a look into his life as a Ford Truck Enthusiast. First and foremost, John is the proud owner of a 1998 Ford Explorer Sport truck. Coyle brings his first hand Explorer knowledge to the Ford Truck Enthusiasts boards.


His blue two-wheel drive Explorer has a leather interior, power sunroof and power everything! The trusty, truck has barely 160,000 miles on the clock and still runs like a top.

Aside for a few grease stains on the fold down seats from his bicycle, John keeps his Ford truck all stock with no modifications.


Coyle enjoys taking his Explorer on epic road trips and just got back from a Los Angeles to San Francisco and back again excursion. The Explorer is the best for camping trips Coyle explains and he admits to sleeping comfortably in it too.

Recently he had his check engine come on and thanks to the forum he was able to diagnose and fix a problem involving his truck’s PCV valve.

Instead of spending big bucks at the repair shop, John was able to fix the problem for less than 50 bucks by doing it himself.

The truck is his first Ford but it certainly won’t be his last. His dream car is a Ford GT and like all of us here he can’t wait to drive the all-new 2015 Ford F-150.

2015 Ford F-150
When he’s not behind the wheel of his trusty, Ford, Coyle has been known to test drive plenty of exotic rides like this Lamborghini Gallardo below.

We thank John Coyle for not only sharing his knowledge on Ford Truck Enthusiasts, but also sharing his stories. With so many years in the automotive industry, we’re looking forward to more Ford stories from John.


On behalf of BFGoodrich Tires and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, we thank you for being a fellow enthusiast, John!

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