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Here we are with another BFGoodrich Member Profile and for this article we’ll be taking a look at Mark Kovalsky. Mark has been involved in the aftermarket and OEM industry since 1982 and brings Engineering knowledge to the Ford Truck Enthusiasts boards.

He even writes articles for us here at Ford Truck Enthusiasts. His skills ranged from engine development, transmission development, and even as a calibration engineer for limited slip differentials. Let’s take a closer look into Mark Kovalsky as a Ford Truck Enthusiast!

While Mark Kovalsky started out his career in M1 Abrams tanks after graduating from the Lawrence Technological University, he eventually landed the dream company of many enthusiasts at Roush Racing.

From Roush, Mark went on to Ford going back to his transmission roots, of sorts, in 1988 where he worked in their Automatic Transmission Engineering office.

However, the move wasn’t far as it was only “500 feet from my old desk at Roush. It was right across the street,” Mark stated in his introduction article for FTE.

So, why transmissions? Well, it helps that his father was also a transmission engineer at Ford. This also influenced him in his very first Ford purchase.

Fords have been the only vehicles he’s ever purchased since he started driving those 40 years ago. If you’re trying to do the math on his age, he’s 56 years young.

He’s had many memorable moments in Fords, but his most was driving a three week journey from Michigan to California.

“(My wife and I were) sightseeing at as many places as we could. We drove my 1994 E-350 Club Wagon diesel, towing our 33′ travel trailer.”

His connection with BF Goodrich tires is fairly direct, above this BFG Member Profile. He was at a test with the legendary Rob MacCachren and his Class 8 truck team, trying to help them use Ford’s also legendary E4OD.

He, admittedly, didn’t do much because of how well the Rob Mac team was. “He and his guys nailed it without my help,” recalled Mark.

“I just watched. Then we loaded up and went to Vegas.” It wasn’t like it was a walk in the park, though, as Rob and Mark had to keep it a secret from fellow BFGoodrich driver, Ivan “Ironman” Stewart. He even had to ride shotgun with Rob to help diagnose a transmission issue that developed during the test.

Like many fellow Ford drivers and enthusiasts, his favorite spot is any time he’s on the road with his Fords getting from location to location. And just because he was an engineer at Ford’s OEM branch doesn’t mean he’s one of this engineers that feels everything is perfect from the factory.

With the help of his son, Brian, Mark isn’t afraid to get inside his Fords and make modifications and changes. One example was when he decided that his 1978 F-150 needed an engine update to an EFI 4.9L engine. Bear in mind that this 78 F-150 was also his daily driver at the time.

We thank Mark Kovalsky for not only sharing his knowledge on Ford Truck Enthusiasts, but also sharing his stories. With so many years in the aftermarket and OEM at Ford, we’re sure to hear more interesting tales and advice from Mark.

On behalf of BFGoodrich Tires and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, we thank you for being a fellow enthusiast, Mark!

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Justin Banner is a regular contributor to LS1Tech and JK Forum, among other auto sites.

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