Beware: Sweet Ranger Wildtrack Off-Road Footage Will Make You Jealous

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Despite Ford’s incredible streak of literal power moves the past couple years, there’s one thing they’re still missing in the U.S. lineup: the Ford Ranger. What’s worse (worse meaning more tempting and frustrating) is that the car continues to be produced in other countries. The most drool-worthy of the bunch is the Ranger Wildtrack, which Car Throttle recently had the chance to test out during a ski trip in Italy.

Interestingly enough, this is the first time the host Alex has ever driven a pickup. Talk about beginner’s luck, eh? The Italian terrain provides a pretty good mix of surfaces, as he takes it over snow, gravel, rock, dirt, and paved road.

If you don’t feel like listening to this dude take multiple digs at America, Americans, American habits, and American vehicles, just turn down the volume and enjoy the plethora of slow-motion closeups and panning scenery shots of the Wildtrack. It’s quite nice to sit back and look at in all its pickup¬†glory.

[Via Car Throttle]

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