The Best Little Ford Trucks in the World!

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Dear Ford,

We’re tired of not getting all the sweet, sweet trucks you make for the rest of the world but never sell here. Seriously, you’ve made a bunch of awesome trucks that never made it to our shores, even though the U.S. is the biggest consumer of trucks! What’s up with that?

A few days ago, AutoWeek decided to list some of these awesome trucks and shame Ford for continually building ridiculously amazing trucks that we never get. Here’s a shortened list of some of our favorites.

The Ford Ranger


The Ranger went the way of the dodo when Ford decided no one wanted small trucks anymore. This is a lie, and Ford knows it. They just wanted to get more money from the larger F-150. Bring us the Ranger!

The Ford Falcon Ute


Australia is the land of amazing cars. Between Boss swapped sedans, to spectacular Utes, Australia get’s everything you could ever want as a truck or muscle car person.

However, the Falcon Ute would be the modern interpretation of the Ranchero and that should definitely happen.

The Ford 3000 Leisure Bakkie


This is perhaps the best named truck on the planet. It’s not particularly good looking, it doesn’t have a massive V8 engine, and it doesn’t exactly hold a lot of cargo.

But when Ford was building this truck in the 1970s, this was absolutely awesome. And since it’s over 25 years old, you can now import one from South Africa!

Ford, please, just bring back some smaller trucks. America wants them.

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