Best Modifications for Improved Fuel Economy

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Modern trucks are appreciably more fuel efficient than their forebearers, but with those impending C.A.F.E. fuel economy standards approaching, manufacturers have to really step it up. Here are a few tips and tricks that you can do now to improve your truck, and save your wallet from peril.


1. Shift sooner


If your truck has a manual transmission, piece of cake, move your shift points to a lower RPM. If your truck is an auto, consider working the shifter between 2-3-D, etc. Try starting your truck off the line in 2nd gear, and working your way up the gears as soon as possible, this will take some playing around to see how soon the truck will let you upshift. The goal is the lowest RPM and throttle position as well.


2. Inflate your tires


The lower your tire pressure is, the larger your tire’s footprint on the pavement is. This results in increased drag and resistance. Pump those tires up to reduce your rolling resistance. Your tires are stamped with the maximum recommended tire pressure, using that as a guideline, try pumping your tires up 10 psi above their current levels. Every tenth counts in the MPG battle. For exact measurements grab a tire pressure gauge and get pumping.


3. Choose your route carefully


Your truck is most efficient when you’re cruising in top gear, and not constantly doing stop-and-go acceleration and braking. Before you set off, check your GPS and find the route with the least amount of traffic, and possibly with the most interstate mileage. Even if your route is a mile or two longer, if it’s all interstate, you can save a considerable amount of fuel.


4. Watch that right foot


Have you noticed that everything on this list has been handled by the driver and costs your wallet nothing? The driver mod is the most crucial one you can make when it comes to improving fuel economy. Mind your throttle, it’s not an on or off switch, and there is no need to dip into the throttle incessantly. When you’re cruising in your truck, chill out and actually cruise. Leave a gap in traffic, because stopping is the worst thing you can do in regards to fuel economy. Braking wastes energy used trying to get your truck up to speed. Low throttle cruising is way more efficient than stop and go madness and time spent idling.


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