Best Looking Ford Trucks in the Last 30 Years?

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Ford Trucks

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but to us, there’s nothing more beautiful than Ford trucks.

Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder. Which means we can argue endlessly over just about anything. Because, well, we all see things a little differently. But one common thread we all share is that we love Ford trucks. After that, it’s all pretty much a wash. Some like the Dentsides of the ’70s, other the classic curvy ’50s models. And pretty much everything in between.

But we here at Ford Truck Enthusiasts love a good debate. So when we spotted a thread over at Reddit asking “What is the most attractive truck made in the last 30 years?,” we were obviously intrigued. For starters, we knew that Ford trucks would dominate the responses to that question. But it’s still an interesting read with lots of intriguing answers.

Ford Trucks

Quite a few folks clearly prefer the boxy styling of lore. “I think that style wise, I like the early – mid 90s Fords the most, followed closely by the same era Chevys. Just the right amount of no-nonsense lines but not quite so utilitarian as to be boring,” said IJustWantToUpboat. “The boxy F-150s had what I consider the ideal truck look. They’re moving towards that again but it’ll never be back to that,” added another Reddit reader.

Ford Trucks

Since we’re limited to the last 30 years, it’s an obvious choice. Though later Super Duty Ford trucks get a few votes as well. “The 2018 F-250 is my next favorite. It has the right amount of pure truck look to me, like those of the 90s,” said SacredAfro. “I have never disliked a Super Duty. I think every single design they come up with has been spot-on gorgeous but also tough looking,” added usefulbuns.

An interesting discussion, indeed. But we want to know what you think – what is your favorite pickup design of the last 30 years? Let us know in the comments below!

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