‘Best Friend’ Hates FTE Member’s Classic Mercury M3 Pickup

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1952 Mercury M3

What would you do if you poured your sweat and tears into this Mercury only to have your buddy talk smack about it?

Friends come and go, but Ford trucks are forever. At least that’s the way we feel. And quite honestly, if you’ve got a friend in your life that doesn’t like your pickup, well, are they really your friend? All joking aside, we personally get nothing but support from our buddies when it comes to our trucks. So we were a little bit shocked to see that Ford Truck Enthusiasts member Don52M3 gets nothing but hate from his “best friend” in regards to his 1952 Mercury M3 project.

“I have a friend that lives about 100 miles away that tells me he hates the way my ’52 Mercury looks. I have spent thousands of hours on this truck, and when I look at it I marvel at how great it looks to me. When I bought it, the doors and the hood would not shut. It had large rust holes in the body and the bed was gone. He tries to tell me how to build it but has never built one himself. He gets mad if I don’t agree or do things his way. What the hell is his problem? I don’t understand.”

1952 Mercury M3

Unsurprisingly, most FTE members chime in with the same sort of advice we’d give the OP.

“Be thankful he lives 100 miles away and ignore him,” said Steve Bennett. “Keep the Mercury and find new more tasteful friends!!”

“You seem to be getting yourself worked up over what this ‘friend’ says,” adds bobj49f2. “I would look for new friends. There have to be more within 99 miles of your house.”

Even worse, the OP’s longtime buddy seems to have a bit of a temper problem.

“The bad thing is I have known him for more than 50 years. His thing today was I made a tailgate using 1″ DOM top and bottom with 2×1 box on the sides. I tig welded the top and sides to 16 gauge sheet metal. But I left a gap in the weld at the bottom so if water got in, it could drain out. He thought I should seal it up and wouldn’t take no for an answer. He left pissed off.”

1952 Mercury M3

Most everyone that chimes in feels like the OP’s friend is just jealous of his Mercury build. And that may very well be the case. But no one thus far has anything but positive things to say about this classic pickup itself. So, we’re curious to find out what you think. Head over here and tell us what might be causing this little rift in a longtime friendship. And fill us in on what you’d do if you were in the OP’s shoes! And here’s a classic track to help spark the conversation…

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