Best Ford Truck Replacement Bushings on the Market?

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When it’s time to replace those sloppy suspension bushings on your Ford truck, what’s your go to brand?

As truck guys, we never forget things like changing oil, filters, brakes, and even tires. We check our coolant level and keep a close eye on things like oil pressure and vacuum. But one thing we don’t often think about is our suspension bushings. Mainly because it’s not like they’re something you typically replace more than once during your Ford truck’s lifespan.

But if your truck has a lot of miles on it, chances are it’s time for an upgrade. So the only question is, which brand is best? Well, this recent thread in the Ford Truck Enthusiasts forums is happy to help answer that.

Several folks recommend one particular brand right off the bat.

“I’ve had really good luck with Energy Bushings,” said Colorado350. “I don’t know if they make replacement bushings for the F-250. But if they do, I would not hesitate to use them.”

Ford Truck Bushings

FTE member slpcth agrees, and even presents an easy solution for what is typically a difficult install.

“I agree, Energy Suspension bushings for the sway bar. But the sway bar link bushings are a real PITA to get out and replace. Being disabled, it’s something I can’t do anymore and my son didn’t have time to do it for me. So I went with links from AM Auto.

The pair cost as much as other sites selling just one of the identical parts. By the time these wear out, my factory links will be repaired with Energy Suspension bushings and I’ll swap them in. So if you are like me and can’t repair your factory links right away, I would go this route also.”

While you’re going to the trouble of replacing the sway bar bushings, BillyBob69 suggests doing a little extra work, too.

“Energy Suspension is the way to go. You can get the sway bar end link bushings and the mount bushings pretty reasonable. Check your drag link bushings too. All are fairly easy to replace. May have to press out the old link bushings. But the new ones come in two halves, so they’re easy to put in.”

Ford Truck Bushings

But as F250_ notes, you just need to measure and ensure you order the right parts for your specific Ford truck.

“Be advised that there are multiple front sway bar diameters available on our trucks. And it’s not always an easy match with Energy Suspension. At least not on the 2wd models.”

So far, not a single person has recommended anything but bushings from Energy Suspension. Thus, we want to know what you think! Do you have a preferred brand when it comes to bushings? Head over here and let us know which ones you’ve had luck with, and why!

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