The Best Ford Truck Jumps of 2014!

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The Best Jumps of 2014!

As we come upon the new year, it seems to be a fitting time to recognize 2014’s best truck jumps that have been featured here on FTE. Before we continue on and look at these five great flying Fords, let it be known that this may not be the best way to spend your spare time.

Then again, these videos are pretty entertaining! But rather than boring you about whether or not such things are wise to do, we’ll move on to the first of these glorious leaps!

Now, this one is pretty insane. After all, it’s not every day that a Ford Explorer takes a dive off a cliff, and it is certainly even rarer for the owner to do such a thing on purpose.

Either way, this Explorer had outlived its usefulness and the driver decided to jump it in one hell of a exciting way. In fact, we would say that it rediscovered its relationship with gravity. No worries, however, the vehicle was remote controlled during this launch, so no one was harmed.

The Best Jumps of 2014!

Of course, height is not everything when it comes to jumps. Sometimes other factors can make a jump even more exciting than one that is extremely high off the ground. In this jump we see a guy in his mud-soaked Ford take a jump in a mud pit twice.

The second jump is the one you’ll want to watch, since it’s fairly large and his bed nearly falls off. The people taking the video seem to be a very excited family, who really want to see the guy jump again.

Even so, after his massive and muddy jump the Ford begins to smoke and quits for the day. The woman can be heard saying “go big or go home” around the 0:40 second mark, and we’d have to agree. Watch this mud monster take the massive plunge!

The Best Jumps of 2014!

As much fun as it is to watch amateurs destroy their trucks, every once in awhile it’s nice to see a jump from the professionals. This Ford Ranger was made to soar through the sky, and it does an amazing job.

The leap is absolutely huge, and the fact that there are so many different camera angles adds to the enjoyment. After all, in my videos you down get to see the view from the undercarriage of the vehicle, and seeing the suspension work is pretty neat. Enjoy watching the Ranger glide through the clouds at Pismo Beach!

The Best Jumps of 2014!

But despite all of the jumps we’ve seen, there is no denying that this one has its own very special appeal. In this video we see a Ford Explorer gracefully leap over a Chevy truck. The satisfaction is wonderful, isn’t it?

This one does not end in any injury to the Explorer or to the drivers, but does shame the one-ton Chevy quite well.¬†These guys made this jump five more times before finally hitting the Chevy and breaking the steering box on their trusty Ford. It certainly wasn’t a bad way to go out — taking down a Chevy with it. Watch this Ford Explorer fly high over the competition!

The Best Jumps of 2014!

But we couldn’t let this list end without at least one laughable clip in the bunch! This one features another Ford Ranger, however there is nothing professional about this jump. The guy has clearly already wrecked it before he even makes the jump, which just makes you worry a little more about who’s allowed to drive on our roads.

Even so, he obviously can’t resist wrecking it a second time since when he lands after making the rather poorly-filmed jump he seems to miss the fact that there is a tree in his way. Whether or not you think the last minute tap of the brakes or the tires being tossed out of the bed is the funniest part, this video of the Ranger wrecking —¬†again — is definitely a joy to watch!

We didn’t put these jumps in any particular order, so we’d love to hear from your in the comments! What was the best Ford truck jump of 2014?

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