Best Excavation Company Name, or Bestest Excavation Company Name?

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Happy Monday to you all! While you’re all recovering from a weekend of fun, games, and perhaps booze, here’s something that might make you laugh a little this morning. Ford is the leader in pickup truck sales nationwide, and that includes the great state of Texas. In fact, one in five Ford trucks sold nationwide is sold in Texas, which is a staggering number considering that Texas makes up only 8.55% of the total U.S. population, and that includes people who can’t drive or aren’t old enough to do so.

So with a state rich in Ford trucks, it’s not uncommon to see a Ford truck used for work. But in a state where a lot of work needs to get done, coming up with a name for your business that’s not already taken might be difficult. That’s why “First Name Last Name Photography” is a popular business name.

If you ran an excavation company in Texas, what would you call yourself? This inspiring¬†individual came up with perhaps the best name ever, “Ditches and Hoes.”

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