Believe It or Not, This Yellow 1964 Ford N850 Used to Be a Fire Truck

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1964 Ford N850 Super Duty 6

Don’t let the yellow paint and the bed fool you. According to its seller, this 1964 Ford N850 Super Duty was once a fire truck.

eBay member rzant1 says, “The bed is all steel cut from the rear water tank that was originally on the back of the truck.” Signs of its blaze-battling past include dual batteries with manual electrical disconnects (said to be required by the fire department) located in the cabin and floor drains in the front of the bed that were once used to empty the water tank.

1964 Ford N850 Super Duty 12

The seller goes on to say, “[This truck] would make an excellent work truck, car hauler, landscape or rock truck farm truck….you can’t overload this truck.” Its floodlights, tool boxes, and 534-cubic-inch V8 should come in handy for any job this truck takes on in the future. However, a little work needs to be done to the vehicle itself – particularly on its bed and the upholstery of its bench seat.

If you’re up for that job, get moving. You only have a few minutes left to put in your bid. Currently, the highest one is $3,149.

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via [Bring a Trailer] and [eBay]

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