Throwback Thursday: Behind the Scenes of Toby Keith’s Ford Truck Man

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Country music superstar Toby Keith talks about why he was a good pick for the official Ford Truck Man.

Back in 2003, country music singer and proud American Toby Keith, teamed up with Ford Motor Company to film a pair of commercials. One was titled ‘Look Again,’ and the second (and most memorable) was ‘Ford Truck Man,’ both of which are included in this behind-the-scenes video from Keith’s ‘Shock N’ Y’all’ album.

In addition to unique views of the filming process, this video by toocheaptobuyatripod includes an interview with Toby Keith, with segments scattered in between the behind-the-scenes clips. Keith talks about how he is a third-generation Ford truck owner, spending his days behind the wheel of an F-350 double-cab diesel he calls “big bad daddy.” In addition, he says he wouldn’t endorse a product if he didn’t believe in it.

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The official ‘Ford Truck Man’ also talks about getting an early look at the next-generation Ford trucks while working with the Motor Company, in order to make these two music video commercials. He stated that Ford has “taken it to the next level,” which will cause buyers to “freak out”.

For the most part — he was right. The eleventh-generation F-150 which was introduced in 2004 was a huge hit.

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