Becker Designs Transforms Ford Transit Into Stealth JETVAN

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Becker Automotive Designs is a bespoke aftermarket modification garage transforming vehicles into armored road-going stealth luxury estates called JETVANs. Becker got their bigs from humble modifications in the 1970’s. With decades of installing top-shelf electronic equipment like stereos, telephones and alarm systems to elite automobiles they have an edge on current customer needs. This is where their crafty designers could figure out sleek OEM-style tricks and their technicians were able to cleanly jerry-rig anything custom gaining experience for their modern day grand endeavours.

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Becker Design’s ace that differentiates itself from other aftermarket garages is incorporating elements of discreet luxury and road-camouflage. Turning any transport vehicle like the Ford Transit into a smooth sunseeking land yacht with more luxury than a Rolls-Royce might attract trouble. Blending in, not looking outstanding is a type of passive safety. They do their best to keep the exterior OEM as quiet as possible not to bring attention to the precious cargo inside. Now with that comforting theory in mind let’s pull the lid off security.

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On Becker Designs website it’s easy to see their interior renovations is where most of the excitement lives. A choice of three seating layouts is possible for the Transit with a choice of two cabin lengths, one a short-wheel base the the other long-wheel. Clients choose types of upholstery, colors, furniture, electronics, appliances and other custom items like exercise equipment. Becker also retools the suspension and chassis for car-like control with airliner calming insulation. Another bit of discreet luxury is their body armoring which consists of massive amounts of shielding sure to protect you from modern high-velocity armor piercing assault fire munitions along with moderate explosives. Contact them today for detailed pricing.

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