Beautifully Restored 1955 F600 COE for Sale!

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1955 F600 COE

When we think of classic Ford trucks, we often have the tendency to overlook the big rigs of history. We always think of the the F1, the F-100, the F-250, and et cetera. We think of your everyday pickup trucks.

This isn’t wrong, really, since the majority of Ford truck owners out there own one of these rides. Even so, the largest of the pack are skimmed over and forgotten. Though we haven’t completely taken them for granted, they are simply less known.

That all ends here. A 1955 F600 COE has gone up for sale for — guess what? — under twenty thousand dollars.

1955 F600 COE

That’s right, this rare and superb beast of a Ford can be owned for only $19,000. The seller is World Wide Vintage Autos, and they say that this truck has been restored to perfection. Even the heater is working well!

The custom wood stake flatbed is beautiful enough to make an enthusiast drool, and the rig itself is painted glossy black. The 292 V8 under the bulbed hood has also been rebuilt, and is working flawlessly. The transmission is a four speed manual, wish two extra gears on the rear differential.

There just aren’t much of these glorious machines left any more, and they are glorious for sure. It is easy to distinguish the signature curved lines and sleek look of the era, but at the same time it is clear that this flatbed was — and still is — one tough working truck!

1955 F600 COE

Despite the hype that we’re sure you’re feeling right now, World Wide Vintage Autos has specifically said that anyone who wishes to purchase this classic icon ought to come by and see it in the lot before they put down a deposit.

After all, pictures may be great but they simply aren’t the same as seeing the truck in person! Feel free to check out more information about the rig, and be sure to watch the video below for a better look at this vintage Ford!

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