Beautiful Ford Ranchero in Grabber Blue is Just for You

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Just look at that blue. Stare into the mystic coloring and tell me it doesn’t make you want to confess your love to the person of your dreams, run a marathon, and try eating puffer fish all in the same day. It’s such a fantastic color that regardless of the vehicle, I’d probably consider buying it. Luckily, it’s on a pretty sick car, as well: a 1971 Ford Ranchero.

This Ranchero seems to be in pretty solid shape. According to the seller, it has some wear and tear with slightly cracking paint, a cracked dash, and a split seat, but overall it’s good to go. It comes with a 351 Cleveland, an Edelbrock RPM carbeuretor, and a C4 automatic transmission. For $9,500 (OBO), this looks like a good deal.


via [Craigslist]

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