Beautiful 1940 Ford Ambulance is a Siebert Special

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If there were any vehicle more haunting than a hearse, it’d have to be a hearse. It might not have been transporting already dead people, but it surely had some die in it on the rides to the hospital.

Then again, that kind of makes it the perfect vehicle to drive to the opening weekend of the new Ghostbusters this weekend, now, doesn’t it?

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As you can see, ambulances have changed quite a bit since the ’30s and ’40s. They actually used to be, ya know, nice-looking. Based on a sedan delivery truck platform, Ford gets half the credit, but the rest goes to coach-building squad Siebert.

The Ohio-based specialists started building wagons, but later became known for their low-cost practical “professional vehicles.” Siebert chopped and screwed Ford and Mercury sedans and turned them into limos, hearses, and ambulances like the one you see here.

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This one has a Ford flathead V8 and a three-speed standard floor-shifting transmission. It still runs, and for how old it is, it’s in pretty fantastic condition. Even the gurney, cabinets, shades, and lights are all there. It’s pretty specific vehicle to buy, but if you’re interested, it’s up on Hemmings for $38,500.

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