Ford and Ken Block’s Beachkhana 1.0 is the Best Parody Video Ever

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Ford and Ken Block have become a Goliath in the YouTube era. With their series of hit short Gymkhana films, the two titans are the dominant force in all things extreme.

It doesn’t matter what Ford gives Block, he will hoon it. Everything from a Ford Raptor with tank treads to a 1965 Mustang with all-wheel drive. When the two get together, magic happens.


That’s why the two sorta paired up again for Ford’s newest video, Beachkhana 1.0 Wild on the Beaches of Australia. Watch.

This is perhaps the greatest piece of spoof yourself I’ve ever seen. The entire stop motion film is just expertly done and hilarious. It’s a wonder why Ford hasn’t done more of these in the past. Or why someone else hasn’t.


Ford has become a global youth brand, and it’s through the likes of these videos that it will continue to be a force to be reckoned with.

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