Battlesmith F-650 Is Ready for Anything and Everything

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This sinister Ford F-650 SuperTruck will hunt down your enemies on and off the road!

Most of Ford’s medium-duty trucks like the F-650 will find fulfilling careers as tow rigs, bucket trucks, and dump trucks. But, a select few – around fifty per year to be exact – will become a SuperTruck.

Back in 2001, two friends decided to replace a pair of trucks they had for their business with an F-650. Almost overnight, the decision was made to modify it into a comfortable daily cruiser.


The exposure they received from the build and subsequent sale of that first truck inspired them to go into the business of customizing trucks. Fast forward to 2017, and they’ve been doing so for over fifteen years! Building trucks for clients ranging from celebrities to royalty, Supertruck has honed their craft over these years and truly builds the best. When only the biggest, baddest toys will do, the wealthiest and most powerful call on Supertrucks to build them a monster truck they can depend on.


This truck, the Battlesmith, features a very purposeful – and we assume very durable – matte black textured finish, as well as super-wide single rear wheels and numerous other upgrades. Starting out with the already comprehensive Supertruck conversion, this example is fitted with tons of options.


The Blackout package removes as much chrome as possible, giving the truck a real stance and sense of presence along with the massive black wheels and tires. An air dam with driving lights finishes up the visual options, while a pair of storage boxes adds some much-appreciated utility. The interior is considerably upgraded as part of SuperTruck’s comprehensive upfitting process.

Starting out at $109,750, the options pushed the price of this truck up to $126,370, but we’re sure the owner of the Battlesmith F-650 SuperTruck will feel it’s worth every penny. You can get more info on this truck and the company that built it on SuperTruck’s website.

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