Bask in the Glorious Noise that is a Ford GT40

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Have you ever wanted to drive around a pristine Ford GT40? In downtown Manhattan? Through what appears rush hour? Well, you’re in luck today my lovely readers. Because here’s a video of just that.

God the noise from this motor is just epic-ally good. I need one of these in my life.

My friends over at Classic Car Club Manhattan have one of the coolest Ford GT40 replicas around. Last time I saw it in person, it was up on a lift getting fitted for some new gas tanks.

Yet, even ripped apart, the car was stunning. Between the classic lines, and the lovely Gulf livery, I just sat there for a moment gazing at the car. I just couldn’t help it.

If you guys are ever in Manhattan, stop by, they’ll let you drool all over all the cars in their warehouse for free. It’s one of the greatest places on Earth.

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