Basic Explorer Conquers ‘Tough Truck’ Course: Truckin’ Fast Wednesday

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Most stock-looking rigs are destroyed during a ‘Tough Truck’ run, but this Explorer shines.

This week’s “Truckin’ Fast Wednesday” comes to us from the RPM Army YouTube channel and it features a second generation Ford Explorer laying down an impressive run on the Tough Truck course. This vehicle looks to be stock, leading us to expect to see it fall apart over the jumps and on hard landings but instead, this old school Explorer turned in one of the best runs we have seen from an normal-looking Tough Truck competitor.

The Stock Tough Truck

We don’t know anything about the Ford Explorer in the video above, but it looks to be pretty much stock. It has stock wheels and the kind of tires that we would find on a street-driven vehicle. It might sit a bit higher than stock, but overall, there appears to be very little done to this Explorer.

2g Ford Explorer in the Air

In most cases, Tough Truck courses destroy stock-looking trucks. The landings after the jumps tend to break suspension components and when the body bottoms out, parts are often ripped away. Before this run begins, looking at this Explorer might lead you to expect to watch the SUV fall apart during the run, but it ends up turning in one of the best runs we have seen from a truck that wasn’t heavily modified for racing.

Flying High

The video begins with the Explorer tearing away from the line, sliding through the first turn and soaring off of the first jump. The 90’s Ford skies off of the first jump and slams down, taking no damage and hurriedly moving to the next jump. The Explorer rockets off of that jump, hitting the third jump in the middle, tearing up the hill and bouncing to a series of moguls which it also breezes throughout with ease.

2g Ford Explorer Hard Laanding

After two more jumps that do cause the vehicle to nose into the dirt along with a trio of easy turns, the Explorer rushes up to the final, biggest jump. Many stock vehicles will slow down before leaving the jump, but this driver hits the ramp at full steam, flying through the air and slamming down.

The rig takes the rough landing in stride and cruises away, having ended the run successfully. Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

2g Ford Explorer Nose Down

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