Barn Find 4-Door Bronco for the AMEX Black Centurion Card Holders

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In the world of American Express cards, there’s a top-level elite card you can get. You don’t apply for this card, but rather it seeks you out. It’s a card as mysterious as the people who carry it, and grants you access to some of the most exclusive events on the planet. It’s sometimes referred to as the AMEX Black, but it’s called the Centurion. In the 90s if you wanted the same level of eliteness, you could get a company called Centurion to build you a Bronco just like this current barn find we have for you here.

4 door bronco

Centurion made Broncos into four-door vehicles. Back then, four-door SUVs and crossovers weren’t all the rage, and if you wanted the extra versatility you had to pay for the conversion to have it. But in addition to the extra doors, they gave you a full-on luxury experience. Bespoke interiors, fine leathers and other luxury amenities found their way into Centurion vehicles.


If you’re interested, this particular four-door is up for sale. It’s your chance to live the Centurion lifestyle without the ridiculous annual fee!

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