Amazing Barn Find: 1966 Ford F-100 With 44,000 Original Miles!

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Barn finds are nothing new to the classic car world.  Scavengers of the automotive world travel the country seeking these time capsules that have been stowed away for years and oftentimes decades. Uncovering old cars and trucks that have been collecting dust is a thrilling and addictive hobby for a lot of enthusiasts.

Once the realm of only classic sports and muscle cars, old trucks are beginning to enjoy their day in the sun (literally). While most were used and abused and then left in a field to rot, some were stowed away in barns and garages rather than being used or sold.


This 44,000 original mile 1966 F-100 is the perfect example of a barn find truck, and it’s certainly not something you see every day. A two-owner truck, it has spent the last 35 years tucked away in a garage located in a Montana farm.


Not only is the ’66 a rare sight in it’s own right, but it’s also originally four wheel drive, which just ups the rarity. The drivetrain consists of a 352/4-speed and reportedly runs and drives very well. Outside of that, there’s the normal wear and tear that you would expect from father time, notably a little surface rust here and there.


It’s pretty amazing (and unusual) to think that someone tucked away a classic Ford like this with only 44k on the odometer, but clearly they had their reasons. The real winner from their decision is not only the new owner, but the rest of us as well. Seeing some of these trucks preserved in their original condition is a rare treat for sure.

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