This Baja Racing Bronco is an Awesome Piece of History

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Broncos will always have a special place in our hearts. So much so that we’ve been begging Ford to bring the car back from the dead ever since it died. But with that most likely never happening, even though Ford could definitely do it with their Brazilian division bringing some of their cars up here, your best bet of having some Bronco fun is still finding an old one and bringing it back to life yourself.

However, this next story is one that even we couldn’t see coming.


Forty years ago, in the NORRA Mexican 1000, a Bronco won the race. However, after that race, the Bronco somehow wound up in a desert junkyard, just sitting there until somehow someone recognized it among the entirety of the junkyard.

Then Samco Fabrication in Nevada got its hands on the Bronco and rebuilt it to its original splendor. And they got it ready just in time for this year’s Mexican 1000 race.


That’s right, the Bronco that won the race in 1967, that practically died in the desert, was resurrected, will be racing in just a few short days. What’s even crazier is, the original driver that won the race back in 1967, will be racing the Bronco once again with the help of two Raptor support trucks. Bring back the Bronco Ford, it’s time.

Photos via Jalopnik

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