’17 Raptor: Baja Designs Off-Road Custom Lighting

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LED lighting kits are designed to help Raptor owners explore trails in the dark, through the fog, and even behind them.

Let’s face it: As much as Ford has souped up the F-150 to create the 2017 Raptor, people are going to mod it, anyway. Bigger wheels and tires, more power, body armor, etc. The list goes on and on. Baja Designs has pressure-washable, waterproof (up to nine feet) products for new Raptor owners seeking more hardcore off-road lighting.

The OnX6 Hi-Power Lower Grille LED Kit ($624.95) features a 10-inch bar of six LEDs arranged in a driving pattern. It comes with a wiring harness and all of the necessary brackets to install it and even tap the lights into the Raptor’s upfitter switches.

Baja Designs’ Fog Pocket Kits are designed to fit into the cutouts in the Raptor’s front bumper and come in three trim levels. The Sportsmen package ($999.95) comes with a pair of 1,800-lumen Squadron Sport LEDs in a spot arrangement, another pair in a driving layout, and a pair of 1,130-lumen S2 Sport LEDs for lighting up corners. Like the OnX6 Hi-Power Lower Grille LED Kit, it comes with mounting brackets and wiring harnesses, and can also be connected to the Raptor’s upfitter switches.

Baja Designs upgrades the Pro version of the Fog Pocket Kit ($1,299.95) to a pair of 4,900-lumen Squadron Pros in a spot format, two more 4,900-lumen Squadron Pros in a driving configuration, and a couple of 1,130-lumen S2 Sport LEDs in a wide cornering arrangement. According to Baja Designs, the Unlimited kit ($1,424.95) “utilizes two Squadron Pros (4,900 lumens each) two Squadron Racers (4,300 lumens each) and two S2 Pros (2,450 lumens each)” for driving, spotting, and cornering.

For seeing behind the 2017 Raptor, Baja Designs offers its S2 Reverse Light Kit ($299.95) complete with mounting hardware, everything needed to tap into the stock tail light leads, and two S2 Sport Wide Driving LEDs.

Remember when the IIHS declared the F-150’s headlights were unsafe?

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