Bad Credit? You’ll Pay More to Insure Your Ford Truck

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Wondering why your Ford truck costs so much to insure? It’s not just because it’s a truck””your credit score may be to blame.

Many insurance companies factor in a driver’s credit score when
determining premiums, and poor credit could be costing you a fortune.
Fortunately, Ford truck drivers with bad credit can still save on auto

Good Credit = Lower Premium

Insurers use credit scores to help assess the risk of insuring drivers,
and the formula they use is simple: The higher a driver’s credit score,
the lower their auto insurance premium. Research has shown that drivers
with good credit are generally safer and more responsible on the
roadways than drivers with bad credit, and they’re rewarded with
cheaper rates.

Bad Credit? You Can Still Save

If your credit is less than perfect, you can keep your Ford Truck’s premium low by following these tips:..(Continue reading Bad Credit?)

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