Baby Blue 1972 Ford F-100 Ranger Build

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Builds can be interesting and unpredictable. Even if you go in with a solid plan, budget, and time frame in which you hope to accomplish the feat, it often doesn’t go that way. In fact, some people prefer to just jump into a build for this very reason.

After all, if things won’t go right anyway, then why not just go with the flow? While we certainly respect both build styles, it’s the latter that we’re looking at today!

FTE member NashvegasMatt has recently taken on a build of his own. The ride is a 1972 Ford F-100 Ranger that he picked it up in the “middle of nowhere” in Tennessee. Since then, he has already started on making it his own.

He doesn’t have a particular direction that he’s planning for the build, and is open to members of the forum pointing him in the right direction. Right now, he’s working on cleaning up the ride. Given that the rig is forty-four years old, we’re sure it’s pretty dirty!

Go check out NashvegasMatt’s build thread and show your support!

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