Fastback Inspired Truck Bed Cap: Awesome or Aw, Hell No?

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F-150 fastback style truck cap + AERO X

When a Ford truck meets a Ford Mustang is it a hit or a miss? 

Sometimes you need a just need a truck bed cap for your Ford truck. A good bed cap will add to a trucks versatility, especially if you need to keep your cargo safe or expand your trucks function. But with improved tonneau covers and changing times they have for the most part, fallen a bit out of fashion. Though, we still think they look pretty cool, especially on a classic 1970’s square body.

We came across these bed caps by Michigan Vehicle Solutions. And while we appreciate the return of a solid truck bed cap, we have some questions.

F-150 Raptor fastback style truck cap + AERO X

Called the “Aero X,” Michigan Vehicle Solutions describes it as such: “With fresh breathtaking styling, and dramatically improved aerodynamic efficiencies, this truck cap provides uninhibited access to the truck’s bed and maintains its complete functionality and lockable bed security. In addition, the integrated modern rear-window louver offers enhanced styling and sun protection without obstructing rearward vision.”

They are very well done, and clearly are high quality. But we just can’t ignore the obvious. It looks like a Ford Mustang Fastback!

1966 Ford Mustang GT Fastback

Now, the Aero X has a lot of great of features. Extra LED lighting, additional storage options, speaker system…it is a cool bed cap.

F-150 fastback style truck cap + AERO X

And some people will definitely appreciate the design and added functionality. It is less boxy and would be cool for camping, tailgating, or off-roading.

But we just can’t stop seeing the Fastback. And as cool as the Mustang is (and it is very cool) we’re just not sure it blends seamlessly with a Ford truck. Sometimes two great tastes, just don’t taste great together.

What do you think of this truck bed cap? Awesome or aw, hell no? Let us know in the comments, or sound off in the forums.

Photos: Michigan Vehicle Solutions 

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